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Any Aroma Patch Independent Distributor May Use These Tools posted on this page

  1. Aroma Patch Free Sample Letter
  2. Aroma Patch Free Sample E-mail
  3. Ensure that there are no duplicates (we only offer to send out one aroma patch per household) unless you prefer to personally send to multiple requestors at the same address. It's your call.
  4. Check to ensure that the e-mail address and/or phone number is valid. A requestor using a false e-mail ( or the like) or a false phone number (666-666-6666 or the like) is going to be very difficult to follow up on. The website which generated these leads states that "we will not send a free aroma patch to folks not providing a phone number or valid e-mail address".
  5. Before you do anything, send an e-mail to the lead stating that you have received their request and their free aroma patch will be mailed shortly. (See the e-mail sample above). If the e-mail bounces back, call the number listed on the lead. If the phone number is not correct, you probably do NOT want to send the free sample since there is no way to follow-up except by snail mail.
  6. Using first class mail, mail out the aroma patch sample (1 or 2 patches should suffice) by attaching them carefully to the attached letter format and mailing in a legal envelope. You should do this AS SOON as you receive your aroma patches from HealthWave. Some of these folks have been waiting for as long as 1 month to receive the sample. That's why a confirming e-mail is very important.
  7. Wait 1 week to 1 1/2 week (and no longer) to follow up (by phone if possible, e-mail if not) with your prospect to see if you can turn the free sample into a sale. Approximately 20-50% of these folks should buy the product after trying it. That means about 4-9 sales for every 18 free samples sent out.
  8. The cost of getting your customer is only the cost of a 37 cent first class stamp (the cost to mail the free sample) plus your cost for a single aroma patch. Thus, you are getting a qualified & interested potential customer customer for less than $1. Your lead will be motivated because they got something for free, and should be responsive to a follow-up call.
  9. Please be sure to send your free sample as soon as possible to every lead. If you are not going to send out the sample, please return the free sample customer to us so we can give him or her to another distributor.


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